Mongolia is the homeland of the heroic warlord Chinggis (Ghengis) Khan – translated as “Oceanic King”, founder of the great Mongol Empire. In the Golden Era of 13-14th century, The Empire was once the greatest in its day in terms of size and military prowess, encompassing many present day Asian and European nations. A country for adventure and nomadic living, it also has a rich culture and history, and provides a wonderful resource for those interested in ecology and palaeontology. Known as the “land of eternal blue skies” seeing around 260 sunny days a year, Mongolia boasts majestic snowcapped mountains to the west, endless steppes to the east, huge sparkling freshwater lakes in the north and the famous Gobi desert stretching through the southern regions.
With an average elevation of 1500 metres above sea level, Mongolia has a huge landmass with a small population making it one of the world’s highest and emptiest countries in the world.Visit in summer (Jun-Jul) to experience nomadic life in traditional ger camps (or yurts) and see the colourful and exciting National Sports Event – The Naadam festival.