21/04/2019 Cambodia

Hello, Myanh.

We have just returned from our wonderful and amazing holiday in Cambodia. We would like to thank you for your excellent organisation of the itinerary, as always. All the arrangements went to plan. Our guides, Sim Soppheakta and Sok Vuthy, and our driver Tin Tin, were brilliant in every way - knowledgeable, helpful and well organised and with great senses of humour. At the end of our holiday it felt like we were saying good bye to close friends.

The variety of experiences in the itinerary (cities, temples, rural countryside) made it particularly interesting and enjoyable. We were able to meet and have many conversations with Cambodian people and we feel that we have learned a great deal about the country and its lifestyle. In addition to the major sites in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh (which of course were amazing) there are some other experiences I would highlight which were unforgettable:- the visit to the Lampuan ethnic village on Se San river in Rattanakiri : bathing with the elephants in a river in Mondulkiri ; bathing under Kulen waterfall ; the sunset river cruise in Phnom Penh and many more.

All the hotels were excellent in their different ways. We went to some delightful restaurants serving exquisite food - we have returned fatter!

The itinerary involved a lot of travelling, of course, but the sights en route made this an important part of the experience. We found Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri are hardly visited by tourists which made it a very authentic experience.

I feel I should just make a comment about Sihanoukeville, where we spent 3 days / 4 nights at the end of our trip to relax. Now, our hotel, the Sokha Resort hotel was fantastic with a glorious private beach. We loved it there. Apart from that hotel, though (which is like an oasis of calm) , Sihanoukeville is one enormous construction site being developed by Chinese. It is very busy with construction lorries, very dusty and noisy and, in my view, offers nothing pleasant for a visitor. It is changing fast and is only going to get worse. I only mention this to you so that your other guests can be made aware, otherwise it would be a shock. I say again, though, the Sokha Resort hotel, is wonderful, so for a few days relaxation by a beach it would be difficult to beat. It`s just a shame about everything that is happening around it.

I look forward to arranging another Asia trip with VisitAsia in the future. We are considering travelling on the Siberian express from Moscow to Beijing next summer, so I will be contacting you about that nearer the time.

Thanks again and best wishes.

Peter and Avis Wardman

21/10/2017 Kazakhstan

Ken & Michelle

12 October 2017

Having just returned from a trip arranged by Myanh, we can thoroughly recommend Kazakhstan as a travel destination.Due to the size of the country, overnight train travel in a 2 berth cabin was a good way to reach other destinations. Our one internal flight was faster and comfortable, although not so much fun as the train.

Almaty is a lovely walkable city surrounded by mountains with plenty of green and pedestrianised areas. A map is essential to make the most of the city. The Metro only has one line, yet it is well worth a visit. Inexpensive, spotlessly clean with different murals / decorations at each station. Bags are scanned on entry. Your ticket consists of a yellow plastic token that opens the barrier.

Museums are inexpensive and no need for a museum guide, as many descriptions are in English. Some exhibitions have separate admission fees .It is worth paying these to see the Gold Room etc.

Restaurants and cafes are very affordable with a wide range of food. Portions tended to be on the large to enormous size. Easy to share, although don�t expect item s to arrive together! No shortage of excellent coffee shops. Don�t miss the excellent selection of loose tea either.

The Charyn Canyon is a natural wonder and recommend allowing plenty of time to explore the base of the Canyon. The numerous small rodent like creatures in the Canyon were fascinating to watch and kept popping out of their burrows.

Lake Issyk is very scenic and lovely to walk around. A bonus was seeing beautiful Kazakh Horses by the lakeside.

Turkestan was an absolute delight and recommend plenty of time to explore the complex. Also allow plenty of time at the extensive Otrar UNESCO site.

Astana is worth a short visit to see the interesting modern Architecture, although probably not at its best at this time of year due to its position in the North of the Country. Unlike Almaty there are no mountains to protect it. Even with warm clothing the bitterly cold wind makes walking less enjoyable.

The only difficulty we experienced was buying good quality postcards / stamps. Kazpost didn�t seem to want to sell or stock stamps, despite numerous posters depicting them! Unusually even hotels couldn�t help.

Anyone with a sense of adventure will enjoy Kazakhstan.

Thank you Myanh for adding this colourful and interesting destination to Visit Asia�s portfolio.

07/12/2016 Japan

Dear Myanh,

Now we have been back for a few days from our holiday in Japan we'd like to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Everything worked perfectly and all the guides we had were excellent.

We were a bit apprehensive about getting around by ourselves but the first guide who met us on arrival at the airport showed us how the train / subway ticketing worked so we had no problems later in the holiday. She also wrote a note for us, in Japanese, that Shirley was allergic to fish so we showed this in any restaurants we went into by ourselves and were well looked after. We were very lucky with the weather having sunshine and blue skies almost all the time - see attached picture at Himeji castle.

We also enjoyed the couple of days in Seoul at the start of the holiday. We were amazed by the number of police around the centre of the city on our second day and later heard about the forthcoming demonstrations at the weekend. We had no problems though.

Could you please pass our thanks to your agent in Japan for making all the arrangements and ask that they thank the guides on our behalf.

We see that you will be at the Destinations holiday and travel show again this year so we hope to see you there to chat about future holidays!

Kind Regards and very many thanks

John & Shirley Martin

28/09/2016 North Korea

DPRK � Michelle & Ken, Guernsey

If you are looking for a destination with fine cuisine and 5* facilities, DPRK is not for you.
However if you are looking for somewhere unique, have a good sense of humour and are prepared to accept certain restrictions, you will have a truly unforgettable experience .
Recommend a private tour as it does offer a little flexibility and if a place does not interest you as much, you don�t have to stay. In our case the only place that left us cold was an Ostrich Farm. When you�ve seen one, thousands (literally!) look the same. It was a standing joke between us and our guides for the remainder of the trip.

Yes, you are accompanied at all times outside Hotels by a Guide and Trainee guide. Ours were charming, very professional with an excellent sense of humour. `Do�s and don�ts� were expressed very clearly from the start. You may not agree with or understand the reasoning, but it is a small price to pay for the opportunity to experience a different culture.
You see so much during the day that a relaxing drink in one of the hotel bars is very welcome at the end of the day. Even if allowed to you probably wouldn�t want to leave the hotel!

Don�t miss the opportunity to visit the Circus. No animals, just extremely talented Artistes. The Metro has beautiful Artwork. The Funfair is also an interesting experience. We love Carousel rides although were told that Adults were not allowed on the full size Carousel Horses. As a compromise we were allowed to ride in the Cinderella Carriage on the Carousel which caused much hilarity.
We were fortunate enough to see a mass dance. The colourful dresses worn by the University Students were very colourful.

The Mountain areas are very scenic and well worth a visit, although a reasonable level of fitness is required to fully appreciate the areas. Beautifully decorated sticks are available to buy if required.

We returned to Beijing by Train. The 4 berth carriages were clean and the food in the dining car surprisingly good. 24hrs passed very quickly. The DPRK inspection staff opened all luggage and examined everything. However this was carried out in a polite manner and items were replaced neatly and luggage refastened. No photographs were deleted.

Postcards do arrive ! Ours were clearly stamped Pyongyang and were delivered within a fortnight. The desk at the one and only Tourist hotel provides a glue stick for stamps.

Do go and visit the DPRK. It is certainly not a dark and dismal place. No litter either and delicious Ice Cream. The cold noodle broth delicacy is definitely an acquired taste though!

Thank you so much Myanh for adding this destination to Visit Asia�s programme. Well worth the wait, and as always, impeccable personal service.

Michelle & Ken, Guernsey

23/01/2016 Mongolia

Dearest Myanh,

Thank you for organising the trip to Mongolia to see the Eagle Festival, it was a terrific trip and we really enjoyed ourselves!

We loved Mongolia and its people, and it is definitely a country that we would consider going back to. The scenery was fabulous and varied and although the people tended to be quite reserved they were very friendly and welcoming. Our guide in Ulaanbaatar was a great guy and we had many interesting conversations with him about history, culture, politics, economics, TV, films and music over the time we spent together. And he was very attentive to our needs. The trip all worked OK, but it was lucky that we had packed our sense of humour and patience, because we did need both occasionally.

The Hotels in Ulaanbaatar and Terelj were both absolutely fantastic and the Altai Peaks Ger Camp in Olgii was also very nice, the people there were friendly and the food was very good, even for us vegetarians! Other hotels were 'interesting' but acceptable considering how remote the places were that we were staying.

The Eagle Festival was wonderful, and staying with the eagle trainer beforehand was a stroke of genius because we already had a sense of understanding about what was going on. Then it was exciting to see our host trainer and his son taking part in the competition and we felt like we were part of it and we could cheer them on. The festival was easily the high point of the entire trip, despite the cold and the wind and the dust and the crowds, and was actually one of the most exciting and spectacular things we have ever seen.

Kindest regards,

Clint and Jude Bull

The Eagle festival in Olgii

The Altai range in Western Mongolia

Ghengis Khan Memorial

Local life

Ger accommodation

The People

30/11/2013 Myanmar

Dear Myanh,

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging our holiday in Myanmar arriving back yesterday am.

Everything was brilliant. The company used over there Tour Mandalay were excellent, the guides spoke good English and were charming and versatile, the drivers were good, never late and the itinery which you put together was great.
I loved the hotels each one was absolutely perfect, such character and quality and just what we liked. Just when I thought they couldn't get any better the last one was!
Loved Myanmar each place was very different atmosphere it far exceeded our expectations.

Thankyou very much for organising it so well and especially as it was a bit last minute.


27/11/2013 Indonesia

Visit Asia Ltd.
G45 Waterfront Studios
1 Dock Road Docklands

24th November 2013
For the attention of Myanh Hung

Dear Myanh

Once again we would like to thank you and Visit Asia for the excellent holiday that we recently spent in parts of Indonesia.

The itinerary and supporting information worked excellently and we were able to cover all the activities. We were very impressed with the Bali representatives who made sure we were kept on track following a last minute flight cancellation.

Our guides were all very professional and attentive with a good sense of humour.

All of your staff and agents made it easy for us to enjoy our holiday.

Visit Asia looks after us in a very personal and professional manner and having travelled with you before we are always confident of your support. We have recommended you on a number of occasions and will continue to do so.

We wish you all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely

Keith & Shelley Tilley

09/01/2013 Vietnam

Dear Myanh Ton,

Thank you so much for the fantastic holiday we have just had, From the flights you found for us to the very last detail you covered this has got to be one of our all time best trips, mind we have never had a dull one on any of yours, but this was great. The guides from your agents were excellent, especialy the 2 in Viet Nam, and the little Mango cruise boat was so much fun, the crew and the cook were so laid back and eager to share thier love of the country and its food that we learnt quite a lot.
The Pavilion Phnompenh also stands out, it is such a beautiful oasis, and the staff were so friendly too.

Thank you again and I feel sure it wont be long before we are booking another trip with you.

Sue and Chris Heath

10/10/2012 Vietnam

Dear Visit Asia

Once again a fantastic holiday organised to perfection to Vietnam and then cruising into Cambodia.
It was brilliant. The cruise with the Heritage Line was way beyond exceptional. The staff, the boat, cabins, food, excursions everything was perfect. Nothing was too much trouble We would definitely use that cruise company again and recommend it to anyone.

We were told that the Heritage Line is in the process of adding a river cruise in Myanmar to their itinerary for the year 2014 . If so could you please look out for this and let us know more details as they evolve. It would be something we would be most interested in for 2014.

Thank you for the tremendous service you constantly give and we look forward to booking more holidays in the future via yourself.

Once again many thanks

Lynne & Brian Rawson

30/06/2012 China

Dear Myanh

Just a line to thank you for organising the wonderful holiday to China for Janet and I.

It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Such good value too. It was unbelievable the standard and amount of service we received from the local guides. I really don�t think anything could have been better organised.

The flights were excellent too. I was concerned about the flights as both LufthansThe flights were excellent too. I was concerned about the flights as both Lufthansa and Swiss air had some really poor reviews for their business class, but we found them first rate. In fact, I found the service and the bed on Swiss air as good as Virgin Upper class (and I judge every flight by their standard) So thank you so much. We knew you were good from our Vietnam and then our Cambodian trip, and you did not disappoint.

Again, thanks for a organising such a wonderful holiday.

Jean Waite

16/05/2012 Myanmar

05/11/2011 Myanmar

Dear Myanh

We have just returned from our holiday in Myanmar and we wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had there. The itinerary was excellent and we saw so many highlights of this beautiful country. There are many wonderful sights to see, with amazing pagodas and temples, beautiful scenery in the mountains, forests and lakes, and fascinating towns, cities and villages. The memories of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the forest of ancient temples at Bagan, the mountains and the pagoda at the Golden Rock and especially the magical Inle Lake will stay with us for a long time. In particular, our visits to the monasteries and nunneries were really fascinating, giving us an insight into the way of life of the large Buddhist community in the country. The people of Myanmar are also quite wonderful - friendly, welcoming and very charming - we met so many great people while we there.

As for the holiday itself, all the arrangements went perfectly. All four of our guides were excellent and gave us a wonderful insight into the history and culture of Myanmar. The hotels were of a much higher standard than we were expecting, in particular the Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Hotel in Bagan, and the Inle Princess Hotel with its amazing rooms and stunning views across the lake. The approach to the hotel by boat is a great memory in itself. The Mountain Top Hotel at the Golden Rock Pagoda was also a highlight, simple but comfortable and boasting a superb position overlooking the surrounding mountains.

We have waited a long time to go to Myanmar as we wanted to be sure that the political situation there was improving before we went. There are signs that this is definitely the case, and most people we spoke to felt that life was definitely getting better. We are sure that Myanmar will soon become a must-see destination, and we are so pleased that we decided to go before the visitors begin to flock into the country in much larger numbers - now is definitely the time to go. It was an experience we will treasure for a long time.

Finally, thanks so much once again for all your efforts to make this a perfect trip - it is really appreciated, and we can happily recommend Visit Asia to anyone!!

With best wishes

Steve and Kate Tilbury

11/06/2011 Uzbekistan

Hi Myanh

Phil and I arrived back home from our holiday last Monday and we thought you would be interested in knowing how it went.

I would like to say first, it was Phil's suggestion to go to Uzbekistan and I must be honest I did have some reservations about the holiday but they were completely unnecessary because we have had a holiday which we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We had the most wonderful time and and have returned home with some great photos of some great places and lovely memories of the people we met. Everywhere we went local people who could not speak English were so happy to see us and asking to have their photograph taken with us. It was just so lovely to be treated so respectfully and they were so charming-everywhere we went.

We would appreciate if you would contact Central Asia on our behalf and thank them for the guides we had who were fantastic. In Taskkent we had Andrei who was so helpful and friendly. For the rest of the holiday we had Khursand Yuldashev from Khiva and our driver's name was Mamur who was from Tashkent. Khursand could not do enough for us and he took care of everything, even arranging local guides in the different cities we visited with him as he felt we would get more out of a local guide. Murmar our driver, could not speak English but he was such a gentlemen and was so courteous to us-he was also a very good driver.. Both Khursand and Mamur were lovely men and we spent many happy hours over lunch and evening meal with them-just fun.

We would recommend Uzbekistan to anyone who is interested in history, meeting people and perhaps would like to try something a bit different.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in booking the holiday and arranging the visas. We very much appreciate it.

The holiday was simply wonderful.

Take Care

Kay and Phil

12/02/2011 Vietnam

01/12/2010 Thailand

Hello Myanh.

We hope you are well. Just an email to say thank you for your help in making our trip happen. We had an amazing time and didn't want to come home. We really enjoyed the elephant hills trip and the accommodation they had was amazing. It's a trip we shall never forget. I've attached a photo just for fun.
Once again, thank you.

Matt and Naomi

20/11/2010 Cambodia

Hi Myanh

We got back from our holiday to Cambodia last Saturday and we just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we all had. Evreything about the tour was great-definitely one of the best holidays we have ever taken and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you for all you help with this holiday and we would appreciate if you would pass our sincere thanks to the tour group in Cambodia for everything-the two guides were excellent, the driver, the stsndard of the hotels was excellent-just everything.

Phil and I look forward to hearing from you the New Year regarding our vists for Uzbetiskan.

Best wishes


01/11/2010 Rajasthan - India

Visit Asia Ltd.
G45 Waterfront Studios
1 Dock Road Docklands

30th October 2010
For the attention of Myanh Hung

Dear Myanh

We would like to thank you and Visit Asia for the brilliant 2 weeks holiday that we recently spent in Rajasthan, India.

In particular we would like to thank you for your flexibility in accommodating our personal requests for particular hotels and locations without any constraints. Your agent in Delhi also gave his personal attention to our progress throughout the holiday requesting upgrades at the hotels most of which were achieved.

The itinerary and supporting information was clear and comprehensive and it all worked very well. You listened to our requests and the implementation was very smooth.

Rajasthan is able to trigger all of your senses, the people wonderful and we shall remember this holiday with pleasure. We can understand why it is marketed as �Incredible India�.

All of your staff and agents represented Visit Asia in the nicest possible way and we felt that the holiday was excellent value for the money

Visit Asia looked after us in a very personal and professional manner and we have already recommended your company and we will have no problem recommending you or booking with you in future.

Yours sincerely

Keith & Shelley Tilley